OMИ is a cutting-edge artificial-intelligence, Fragrance-dedicated company.
Our purpose is to easily connect customers with their emotions and make the fragrance experiences authentic and IN TUNE with today’s customer needs.
Your perfume will respond to your emotional needs.
Please note: this is a beta version, please join our community and share your feedback.
The final version will include more amazing functionalities.

Our Best Offers


More than 40000 fragrances in the market, how can customers choose the right one at the right moment? You don't need to be a fragrance enthusiast or expert anymore, Our intelligent solution will help you find the right match.
All you need is to tell us your story, our multimodal algorithm is able to predict your expected smell!
We can even match you with the best fragrance creator to design your unique scent. This solution is designed to disrupt the Fragrance experience to be the first P2C 'perfumer to customer' offer.

Advanced Analytics

We offer a 360° view of the FINE Fragrance market, from the customer's perspective, in real time! OMИ brings an innovative model to grow your business by exploiting heterogeneous data and providing you with the necessary insights to gain competitive advantage. We will predict olfactive notes trends. We will allow you to monitor the performances of your products, their positioning, your clients, competitors and much more.


This under patent solution will help you to connect with your customers and will facilitate the olfactive dialog with them in real time.
Will be launched soon!

Why O My Note?

We are not doing any recommendations, our purpose is the help tailor the offer to the customers in real time.

Our solution provides 360° view of the fragrance market to bridge the gap between perfumers and customers.

We are aware that perfume is related to emotions, this is why OMИ translate customer emotions into fragrance notes and provide these insights in real time.

Facilitate the emotional dialog between perfume lovers and fragrance noses.


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