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The very first platform where STATE-OF-THE-ART ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is focused on the service of Fragrance creation. OMИ was founded in 2020 to digitize the Fragrance experience in an authentic way where fragrance will play its original role: respond to an emotional need. The gap between fragrance industry and customer is huge and still the offer far away from the customer expectations. We are leaving a data driven digital transformation so why to not use data to bridge this gap? Why not tailor the offer to the customer using different data sources.
The main purpose of OMИ is to respond to the increased demand of right, true and unique personalization. Fragrance is about emotions, mystery and our focus is to help facilitate this dialog between perfumers and customers. Sameh Said: “OMИ is the fruit of an HEC Executive master, 12 years in artificial intelligence and a PHD in computer vison”. OMИ is: O MY NOTE to illustrate that the tailored fragrance is possible and accessible to all. “AI is made by humans, it can’t be smarter than us. I believe, if scalability meets hyper-personalization, AI will bring human creativity to unexpected levels”
We are proud of Our multi-cultural team. Engineers, trainees, PHDs we work closely with our réputated fragrance expert Joelle Lerioux. We share the same values and put our efforts to revolutionize the Fragrance experience.

Dr. Sameh

Our Values

We want to give meaning to our efforts and have a positive impact on society. We created our business plan around strong ideas: environmental and social responsibility.
For social inclusion we created the group“ women in analytics and data science”. The aim of this initiative is not only to promote women inclusion in the data science industry ( Women holding Phd and working in data science are less than 6% in 2016). But also to put health and wellness as priority. We are very active in term of events, meetups, talks since 2017.
Overstock is a waste for business and environment. Our purpose is to provide our insights to avoid overstock and save the environment.

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